"Vicious circle" escaping

Дата: Апрель 29th, 2013

You not in a state to cut out your senses by request, to include or ungear them like electrical lighting. Hо if they do not yield to a direct operation, it can be made an indirect route.

If it is not possible to displace negative senses, setting in frontally to achieve analogous effects it is possible, "having changed" for their positive senses. Recall that the sense follows a fashion. As soon as you have senses of undesirable character, you should not concentrate on them attention, trying to expel from them. Instead immediately spacefill in your imagination pleasant to you fashions, submissions and memories.

And negative senses a trajectory will take care of themselves. You suddenly will discover that you had the new senses corresponding to your fancies and memories.

If you begin to go to attack to disturbing thoughts thereby will centre all attention to them. And even if to you will have the luck to distil off one disturbing thought, its place will be occupied by and by with another, not less disturbing wherefore the blanket psychologic aerosphere will prolong to remain negative. Hужно simply to displace harm, having exchanged its good.

According to doctor Chappella, we are restless people who so longly practiced trouble that steels in this field genuine foremans.

We too are fond of a reconstruction of negative images and patterns from our past and submissions about our future. The trouble spawns a strain. Then we try to cease to trouble, making conscientious efforts, and we fall in a certain vicious circle. Efforts aggravate a strain, and the strain in turn creates an alert aerosphere.

Unique salvage, doctor Chappell speaks, — to work out a habit immediately to exchange offensive, disturbing thoughts pleasant, beneficent fashions. As soon as the person will experience trouble, it should consider it in the capacity of a warning signal and at once play back in the imagination pleasant patterns from the past or the same submissions concerning the future.

In due course trouble and alerts begin to work against themselves wherefore will be transmuted into incentives of positive thinking.

Once, during the stay of mine the student of hospital college, the professor has caused me for the oral answer. Facing a large attendance, I have suddenly experienced pavor and could not cover a problem correctly. Later, viewing something with a microscope and answering written problems, I was absolutely other person: quiet, assured as has well assimilated a subject. I had that sense of victory, and I have perfectly coped with the job.

Next time, when I had to stand again "at a board", I have imagined that I look not at colleagues-students, and in a microscope. And again felt easy and confidently, again has had a feeling of victory.

To the extremity of a semestre I already made appreciable successes both on oral, and at written examinations.

Eventually negative senses were transmuted in some kind of "bell-flower" which one as a conditioned reflex woke sense of victory.

For 25 years of operation in the capacity of the cosmetic surgeon I had to operate the soldiers crippled in the field of cracked eggs, children with congenital disfigurations, men, women and children who have got wounds and injuries in accidents on roads, on operation and in a household activities. These unfortunate have been convinced that never any more will not test anything good. And nevertheless after the process recovering standard external appearance, they invariably had hopes of the future which one displaced negative senses.

Unclosing it a capability to have a feeling of victory, I strenghtened it in myself, helping them to refine submission about myself, perfected also a characteristic fashion. All of us should arrive so if we want to be saved of old emotional scars, to lead more sanguineous and fruitful life.

In each of us — a huge storehouse of past fashions and senses, memory of our defections and victories.

Like tracings on the magnetic tape, these senses and fashions "are engraved" in your brain. There are here stories both with happy, and with the unfortunate extremities. To you to select, what of them again to "lose".

As psychologists have installed, these tracings (engrams) can be modified and inoculate in the same way as it is made with tracings on magnetic Membranula when the additional material is brought in them, the whole chunks are exchanged.

It strongly encourages, as gives the grounds to believe that heavy, unhappy experiences, injuries of children’s years — not perpetually and not fatal as some scientists still more recently tried to assure us. We know now that not only the past influences the present, but also the present changes the past.

In other words, at all there is no "a past damnation", it at all does not predetermine once and for all the present.

That fact is interesting also that the more often any engram play back and "lose", the its action is stronger. According to psychologists of Ekklz and Sherrington, the impression degree of stability depends on overall performance of transneuronal connections (synapses) in our brain. Therefore advice concerning ignoring of old offensive experiences and the concentration of attention on happy episodes from antecedents has under itself a scientific bottom. Arriving thus, you strenghten the engrams connected to successes, udachami, joy events, and slacken those from them on which one your defections and fatalities were once embodied. Thus, the person in a state to manage the past, really to plan the future, it completely not helpless victim of the condition burdened by past errors and gross errors.

Positive submission about itself, however, combines and with major personal liability. You cannot be restricted to fault restacking for the today’s misfortunes any more and nuisances on parents, a company, system, your past sins or on the unfair ratio to you of others. Memories on similar things can help only is better to perceive itself. However rebukes and denunciations will not solve your problems, will not refine perspectives on the future. The past can explain, how you have reached a present state but where you will go from this point on, entirely depends on you.

When you hear music which one is not pleasant to you, you after all do not try to cause to modified a player a tune, you simply change a blade.

So, simply will resurrect in memory other fashions, and senses will come by itself. Permanently remember this capability, that in your forces to settle the further life in a new fashion.

And in summary it would be desirable to emphasise once again that, any your submission about happiness, it is always bound to reaching of the relevant purpose for you, with joy, sanguineous life. Sense of a hopelessness, pessimism, disappointment not only the characteristic signs of a strain ageing, they considerably accelerate this process. And here a faith in the forces, in the capabilities, optimism, resoluteness prolong youth, prolong life, help to find success and happiness. Let you nostalgia on the future "owns only".

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Hе speak about this Henry

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Introduce that you are expected by the complete and doubtless success. Hе urge itself. Hе "tread out" on the instinct, do not try to convince by means of strong-willed efforts of of inevitability of desirable outcome. Simply arrive the same as arrive always when be anxious about something, trouble; only this time trouble not concerning possible defection, undesirable effect, and concerning reaching of desirable resulting effect.

Hе try to cause to check itself in absolute success. Hа an initial stage yours "the ideational machine" not in a state it to perceive.

Work gradually. Hачните to reflect on desirable resulting effect in the same fashion as you make it, being anxious about the future. After all in this case you do not try to convince at all yourselves that you are expected without fail by defection. Hет, you advance gradually. Usually all begins with the guess. You speak to yourselves: "we Will guess, there will be that and that".

You again and again are returned to the yielded thought, "play" with it. Then the word "capability" floats. "Hу that, — you speak, — such, was possiblly, can happen". The imagination Now starts to work. You assign mentally manifold alternatives of unsuccessful outcome, on mnogu time being returned to them, adding an imaginary pattern various details.

As submissions acquire more and more "real" delineations, there are also applicable senses as if defection has already happened, there is a pavor and an alert.

The boldness and faith in happy outcome originate in the same way. You only change an ultimate goal. If you have solved to waste time on trouble why you not to trouble structurally? Hачните from mental determination of the most advisable resulting effect, then transfer to "guess". Tell: "we Will guess that conceived really has quitted". Now resemble to itself that the similar can quite happen. Meanwhile it is a question only of a capability.

Gradually you accumulate sense of a faith and optimism. Reflecting on desirable resulting effects as about a real capability, you add an imaginary pattern of success various particulars.

Hеоднократно being returned in thoughts to the fashion created by you, you at any stage discover that start to originate and the applicable senses as if the desirable purpose is already attained. As you can be convinced, among these senses will prevail a faith in success, confidence in one’s strength and boldness in decision making which one all together and constitute sense of victory.

When the well-known general Pattona have asked, a leah he tested when — or pavor before battle, the general has answered that tested, both before severe battle, and during cracked eggs, and has added: "Hо I never listened advice which one were gived me by my pavor".

If you as happens at times with everyone, feel pavor and an alert before an important issue do not perceive these negative senses in the capacity of defection "sure sign". All depends on how you react to them also what stand in relation to them occupy. If you to them listen, it submit, consult on them, that, was interquartile, you really expects fiasco. Hо so should not be.

First of all it is necessary to understand that negative senses — pavor, an alert, lack of self-trust — are not introduced at all from the outside of someone’s malicious will, not traced on spiders, not fate command, foregone and inevitable. These senses — a yield of your thinking, they only define a storehouse of your mind, and at all do not point any external factors which one ostensibly work against us. They only mean that you underrate the capabilities, revaluate and exaggerate character of difficulties, resurrect past defections in memory, skipping successes. It is everything to what these senses bear. They have no ratio to the future events, and mirror your personal psychologic setting in this problem.

Therefore in your authority to accept or reject similar senses, to obey to them or, having failed from their advice, safely to initiate with accomplishment of characteristic plots. Moreover, you can use them with advantage for yourselves.

When you react to negative senses energetically and from positive stands, they find the challenge form, automatically clearing up in you additional forces and capabilities. Submissions about waiting difficulties, perils, threats attach you hardness if you react not passively, and is active. In the previous chapter it was already said that the known level of the disturbance correctly interpreted and used, does not hinder, and helps case.

All depends on the specific person and its stand. To each of us there were people who were lost and suffered defection when to them spoke: "you cannot make it". Hо is also such which one these words only urge forward, add determination by all means to become successful. Colleague Henry Kajzera has somehow noted: "If you want, that Henry did not make something, do not say to it that it cannot be performed or that it cannot make it as then it will burst, but without fail will make".

From the told follows what aggressively to react to negative advice of characteristic senses not only it is possible, but it is necessary, as, however, and on analogous judgements from outside.

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How to return good luck

Дата: Апрель 20th, 2013

Each of us once in something was a success. Hе certainly major. Was possiblly, it there was a victory in fray with the known school tease or in school competitions on run, and is is possible, successful protrusion in any contest on joint picnic with colleagues, or it was the happy ending of long courtings for the girlfriend. It can be memory on successful commercial transaction or on prize-winning places at competition on a batch of pies. Hе has any meaning in what you have succeeded, the sense which one you have thus tested is is relevant. Any episode from your past when you have succeeded Is required only, made that would be desirable you, performed conceived, having tested beneficent content.

Will resurrect in memory of any of these episodes. Fancy all pattern as it is possible more detailed. Let before your mind will rise not only central event, but also various workaday smalls tracking success. You then perceived what sounds more? What you environed (objects, people, subjects)? What around during that moment happened?

What it was a season? And etc. The more details, the better. If you in a state to play back in the imagination particulars happening in that moment necessarily again will have the same feeling.

Try to recall these senses. If you can make it past senses as though will transfer in your present, and you will feel at once confidence in one’s strength — the reliance grounded on memories about former udachah.

Now, having felt this sense of success, think of the forthcoming large deal, meeting, protrusion, competition, about any case in which one you would like to succeed now. By means of imagination introduce, as though you behaved and that felt, if have already succeeded.

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This sweet sense of victory

Дата: Апрель 18th, 2013

Working scaffolds Giblin, the founder of the well-known lab of probe of social ratios, for a number of years successfully administered over bunch of direct-sales representatives, has a little tried the forces in an orb of advertising and has acquired certain notoriety in the capacity of the expert in the field of social ratios. Operation was pleasant to it, but it would be desirable to dilate a field of the activity. Most of all it people interested, and after paleocrystic idealised and practical preparation he supposed that could help to solve some problems which one burden often human relations. He would like to give lectures on these problems, however lack of experience of protrusions before vast auditories has appeared a serious obstacle on a trajectory of implementation of this desire.

"Once at night, — told Working scaffolds, — I, as usual, lay and thought of the major dream. At that time my experience of public statements was brought together to oracles of small bunch razezdnyh trading will introduce pour. Moreover, ministering in army, I any time fulfilled obligations of the instructor.

One thought on protrusion before numerous audience horrified me. I simply could not introduce myself as a smog with it to manage. Hо at the same time I well remembered that, talking to direct-sales representatives, did not feel the slightest awkwardness and absolutely freely talked to soldiers.

Lying in sand bed, I have recalled that sense of enthusiasm and reliance which one tested, addressing to sparse bunches, have recollected the separate small particulars tracking this sense of elation. Then I have imagined myself facing a large auditory and arguing on various aspects of social ratios and simultaneously enduring the same sense of elation and self-trust. I have drawn mentally a detailed pattern of an event, and to such level have got used to a fashion that has clearly felt underfoot scene boards. I clearly saw expression of persons present, heard, how they applauded.

Has experienced that has successfully managed the task. During this moment something "was shorted" in a brain. I had high spirits and reliance that I in a state to perform the notions. I have bridged the recurred to the memory past senses of reliance and the triumph created by my imagination. The sense of a fulfilment, good luck was so real that I already did not doubt at all success. At me has occurbed and already any more did not abandon me sense of victory. And though during that moment I did not see a suitable capability for implementation of the dream, it is more narrow in three years was performed almost in that type in what I have introduced it to myself and has experienced.

As I was not widely known and did not possess the significant experience, any intermediary firm did not wish to deal with me. Hо it has not shut down me. I have become the own agent, began to conclude itself agreements and I arrive so till now. Now at me orderings for protrusions more than I in a state to fulfil ". Today Les Giblin recognised authority in the field of social ratios. Hundreds the largest corporations of America are converted to it with the request to organise for their employees instruction centres on tuning up of interpersonal ratios.

Its book "How to find reliance and force" has acquired wide notoriety and became classic in the field. And after all all has begun with an imaginary pattern and an appropriation of sense of victory.

To actuate your Creative Gear, thinking of resulting effects, fancy that capabilities of their reaching already exist. The mental pattern of a capability of implementation of the purpose should be so clear and alive to become "real" for your excitatory system.

And so real to cause the same senses which one you would test if the purpose really has been implemented.

In it there is nothing difficult or mystical as it can be demonstrated at first sight. We make something similar almost daily, being anxious about ill-behaved outcome of our notions, being afraid of offences and humiliations. In this case we feel the same emotions which one at us would originate if we have really failed. We mentally draw defection, not generally, not schematically, and is very bright and in all particulars. Hеоднократно playing back in thoughts an ominous pattern, we rummage in memory in search of analogous negative examples in our past, resurrecting details.

Recall, however, about what it was more than once told above: our excitatory system not in a state to distinguish real experiences from alive played back by our imagination. Therefore, when we longly reflect on possible defection, continuously we assign its bright colours, for our excitatory system defection acquires real delineations then we start to have the same feeling which one routinely track with original fiasco.

Hо, on the other hand, if we permanently think of the desired purpose, we draw it mentally as alive and brightly and we think of it, as about the accomplished fact we certainly will have the particular sense of victory which are including reliance of characteristic forces, boldness and a faith in case  happy end.

We do not have capability to glance in our Creative Gear and to be convinced, a leah it was aimed at success or on defection. Hо in our authority to spot its directivity through our senses. When it is let to success, we have high spirits, that sense of victory.

The sense of victory can be compared to the temperature indicator which one does not create heat indoors, and only metres it. Hо you can use this temperature indicator on the practical level. Recall: if you had a sense of victory, it means that your internal gear is installed on success.

Instruction to any skill — the process in many respects connected to a method of trial and error which one is prolonged until in memory will not be sidetracked a certain amount of "hits" or successful stocks.

Any practice consists of a serial of tryings and constant correcting of introduced errors; when, at last, it will be possible to achieve the desirable objective, all successful process from an initiation to a collum is fixed not only so-called conscientious memory, but all organism, including by a muscular tissue. At the heart of national by-words and popular expressions intuitive trues more often lie. When the person speaks; "At me such sense that I will manage it", — it is very close to true.

The president of the Harward university, doctor Elliot has read once lecture on a subject "the Habit to success". As he said, poor progress at school in many respects speaks that pupils at the very beginning of school life are yielded by few jobs which one they could fulfil successfully; therefore they do not have capability to feel a success aerosphere, there is no that we term as sense of victory. The schoolboy, has told it which one has never worried success at the very beginning of school life, hardly probable in a state to develop a habit to success, that is well familiar sense of reliance which one occurs when you initiate with the new job.

Doctor Elliot has urged teachers to organise teaching in original cls so that to allow pupils as it is possible to endure success is more often. Jobs should be quite on forces the pupil, but is simultaneous interesting enough to clear enthusiasm and to ensure motivating. A row small udach, tells Elliot, will cause in the schoolboy "sense of success" which one will appear the valuable ally in a follow-up activity.

From the told follows that, following advice, which one doctor Elliot has yielded teachers, you can acquire a habit to success, having embodied in grey matter of your brain engrams (impressions) of sense of victory at any time and in any age. If you permanently feel disappointment and a dissatisfaction when you are comprehended by defection at you the steady sense of a lesion which one begins to tarnish on any our undertaking almost will for certain be organised. Hо having become successful in small businesses, you in a state then to tolerate its aerosphere and on the large undertakings.

"The success contributes in success". This old by-word is in many respects valid.

SHtangisty begin with weight which one they in a state to hoist, gradually enlarging it. Experimental coaches of beginning boxers at first pick up for them easy rivals, gradually exhausting the wards on a ring against more and more severe opponents. The similar principle is applicable almost to activity any kind. The ground rule: to begin with case in which one you can succeed, gradually transferring to more difficult.

Even in those orbs where you have achieved the significant skill, sometimes it is useful to head out as though back, "to reduce the rod" and to train easy and easy. It is specially relevant, when the further growth of indexes stops, there sets in a temporary limit to reachings; halving of efforts usually does not bring notable detrusions, and further uporstvovanie capable only to anchor sense of intensity, having connected it to agings or instruction. In similar events shtangisty, for example, reduce weight of the rod and some time is completed by motions easy, without an excessive strain.

I knew one enough known businessman who used this principle when it was necessary to quit a period of failures. It ceased to try to gain the large order, ceased to visit difficult clients, and concentrated attention to small sales to those customers who as it knew, did not create special problems.

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Crisis and creative potential

Дата: Апрель 14th, 2013

Above it was already said that your Creative Gear — the device teleological, aimed at reaching of a particular purpose, certain resulting effect. As soon as you instal a specific goal, you can rely on the automatic system of induction which one will deduce you to the yielded purpose better, than it is will made by you by means of conscientious efforts. Your "autopilot" will ensure also indispensable for this means. If for reaching of the conceived purpose muscles need to commit any driving, your automatic gear in a state to control them much more precisely and is more thin, than you can, leaning against conscientious thinking. When new and original ideas be required to you, your Gear of Success here again will furnish you with all indispensable.

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What can happen at worst?

Дата: Апрель 12th, 2013

There are people, inclined to inflate over any standard possible "aftereffects" and "the punishments" connected to a critical situation. They direct characteristic imagination against themselves, making "of a fly of an elephant". Frequently they at all in a state to value the real perils corresponding to specific condition, and, longly without reflecting, work so as if it is a question of life and death.

When you interfere with with genuine crisis, known "store" of disturbance which one should use with major favour for itself is indispensable.

However if you revaluate a level of threat or difficulties thanks to such distorted information you can excite yourselves more than condition demands. As real threat much less imagined, you cannot "exhaust an emotional fallow" bodily, and it remains in you "locked up", is is foregone taking the form of a nervous trembling. Major excess of a contagious excitation does not help, but only impairs to case.

Bertrand Russell was divided with us a method which one it with success applied to decrease of excessive disturbance: "When you are threatened with any misfortune, thoughtfully and severely estimate worst of alternatives.

Having faced such capability, think over, a leah it will be real so awful catastrophe? Eligible arguments will be always wherefore even the worst that can happen with you, has no global meaning. Steadfastly having considered during some time in all its aspects worst of capabilities, tell to itself with deep conviction: "Hу well, eventually, even it will not have such great value. And you will see that your alert almost will escape. May be that this routine should be iterated some times but if, reflecting over the worst alternative, you shaded nothing, as a result will discover that your pavors have disappeared, and it on gang the high spirits" have come.

Many of us, however, dare to lose courage under influencing of much less significant or even imaginary perils. Someone has correctly told that the most abundant origin of a stomach ulcer — aiming to make "of a fly of an elephant".

The young girl who for the first time is going out, can fancy that her life depends on forthcoming ball.

Sometimes people, expecting interview in connection with arrival on operation, look so as if are plotted for lethal trial.

Hе it is eliminated that sense "life or death" as which one many feel in various critical situations, we have inherited from our ancestors when "defection" really quite often was "a death" synonym.

However, what parentage of this perception was, experience of flock of my patients demonstrates that it is possible to be saved of it if easy and judiciously to analyse each specific situation.

Wonder every time: "That can happen at worst? Hе react on a usual negative habit thoughtlessly, blindfold.

If closely to look narrowly, it will appear that the majority of daily so-called critical situations not only lives or death "do not represent a problem", and only are a capability to move ahead or save former stands. Hапример, what can expect the direct-sales representative? It will secure an offer on a product and by that it will appear in the best standing, that is will move ahead, or. The deal will not take place, and it remains on former, but not on the degraded stands. The nastiest that can happen with the young girl-debutant, is that on ball will not note it also it will not produce furore in the circle.

Who really realises Mahlo, what powerful charge is contained in simple gang of the point of view with a critical situation. I know the direct-sales representative who has doubled the income, having added to the arsenal the motto: "I can acquire only, but not lose at all".

Known actor Uolter Pidzhon told that its maiden appearance on a scene was is exceptional unsuccessful as he felt absolutely frozen with pavor. However in an interval he has told to itself(himself) that time it all the same has failed today, to lose to it now there is nothing but if at all to leave from a scene, it will mean that as the actor it has not taken place at all. Hence, it does not have bases to be anxious, again stepping on the stage. In the second activity of Pidzhon played already easy, confidently and had tremendous success.

Remember — a principal figure in any critical situation are YOU. Follow the references yielded in this chapter, and, like hundreds other people, you learn to cause crisis to work on you, boosting a creative potential.

Chapter 14

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Hе confuse disturbance and pavor

Дата: Апрель 8th, 2013

Many people interpret often disturbance as sensation of fear or alerts and see in it the evidence of characteristic inferiority.

Any standard person, capable to understand a situation, is stirred and worries on the threshold of the climax. While you will not direct disturbance on any specific goal, it is not an embodiment of pavor, an alert, courage or reliance, and will be only a supplementary discovery of "an emotional fallow". Disturbance at all a wilt sign: this sense — an index of force which one you can use at a choice.

Experimental actors know that disturbance before a part — the useful symptom. Many of them before protrusion was conscientious excite in themselves this sense. The good soldier always tests disturbance before cracked eggs. Hемало habitues of hippodromes stake on a horse who before an output on start seems specially to "excitatory". And jockeys know that the horse testing excitation directly ahead of races, usually demonstrates the best effects. For a similar state the word enthusiasm wherefore disturbance which one comes to you before crisis, is an excitation of spirit very approaches, and only in such sense it is necessary to interpret the yielded sense.

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Hе lose track of the purpose

Дата: Апрель 5th, 2013

The main thing in an offensive stand — constant purposefulness. You continuously hold down your positive purpose in a head and are ready to transit through heartrending experiences for the sake of its reaching. You to anybody and allow to misguide to nothing yourselves, you do not have a desire to run away, be skewed, hide from hazard. As William Jams spoke, you are aimed at a control, instead of on flight.

If you in a state to arrive so the crisis situation will play a role of the stimulant liberating an additional resources, called to help you to perform the scheduled purpose.

Leki considered that there is only one main emotion — disturbance which one is displayed in the form of pavor, anger, courage and etc., depending on our interior setting during each yielded moment, that is a leah we intend to prevail against a problem, a leah we want to escape from it or we solve it to destroy.

"The real problem, — told Leki, — consists not in checking emotions, and in spotting, with what of these trends it is necessary to substantiate emotionally".

If you intend to be heaved ahead, to extract all possible of a critical situation and to win despite of everything disturbance will attach you of bravery and forces. If you have lost track of the pristine purpose and are inclined to leave from crisis, somehow it to avoid, other trend will get the best — you will abide in pavor and an alert.

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Crisis is a junction on road

Дата: Апрель 4th, 2013

The word "crisis" of the Grecian parentage and in recalculation means "decision instant". Crisis is a junction on road. One trajectory leads to success, another to defection. In medicine crisis — the turning point after which one the patient can go on the correction or its standing will severely become complicated up to lethal outcome. Differently, in any crisis situation two capabilities are always concealed.

Once Hugh Kejsi, the most successful replaceable pitchera [giving to baseball. — comments of recentury], have asked that he thinks, when the coach exhausts it on a stage during the most critical moment. "I always think that I will make and that to me was to achieve, — he has answered, instead of that will make breaking and that can happen with me". As he said, usually concentrating attention to resulting effect, he felt that in its forces to achieve wished and, as a rule, so it and quitted.

Similar stand — the relevant premise of correct reacting in any extreme situation. If you in a state to save the offensive approach, to work in crisis and menacing situations gressivno, instead of is defensive, condition becomes incentive for disclosure and application of a maiden depth resources.

I knew one not so strong man, which one without assistance has carried out the piano from the burning dwelling (having clasped it in a verticality) on the home lawn midpoint. In due time, to import the instrument to the dwelling, it was required six strong men. And here under the influence of excitation and in the conditions of crisis the same weight has prevailed against only one, besides not powerful adding up the person.

Hевропатолог J. A.Hajdfild has conducted vast probes of extraordinary capabilities — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, — which one are displayed at ordinary people — men and women — in crisis situations.

"As it is remarkable, — he, — that during crises spoke to us, to customary people, additional forces to the aid come. We live shy, shunning difficult problems, we do not appear yet with them face to face; and at once as if a resources is liberated hidden until then. When we interfere with with hazard, there is a boldness; when misadventures cause us the continuous travails, we discover in ourselves inexhaustible stores of patience; when on us terrible catastrophe collapses, we suddenly feel in ourselves inexhaustible forces which one maintain us like safe arms.

Daily experience demonstrates that when the high demands are made to us, each hazard or difficulty spawns the special energy if only we fearlessly answer a call and actively we oppose.

All salt in words: "fearlessly we answer a call" and "actively we oppose". They mean an offensive, targeted stand which one is endways inverse defensive, noncommittal, expectant. In case of the former the person can tell: "Whatever has happened, I will manage it", and in second only to mumble: "I hope that all will be bypassed".

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Shadow-fighting, or shooting empty

Дата: Март 31st, 2013

Known boxer Jim Korbett has made popular expression "shadow-fighting". When it asked, as it managed to achieve an ideal direct stroke on the body which one it has applied in a duel with John Sullivan from Boston, Korbett usually answered that, being plotted for a match, has iterated this shock before a mirror more than 10 thousand times.

The well-known actor Harry Lauder from Scotland told that one special scenic reception it practiced dwellings also not less than 10 thousand times before to occur with it before audience. In other words, Lauder used same "shadow-fighting", imitating protrusions before an imaginary auditory.

Professional golfer Ben Hougan was in the habit to hold down sticks in a bedroom and daily in a quiet situation to complete the correct shocks on an imaginary ball. When to it was necessary to quit on a stage, before to strike a blow, it mentally played back all elemental motions, and then, relying on muscular memory, fulfilled the necessary reception.

Many sportsmen prefer to practise in the requirements eliminating the slightest exterior pression. They or their coaches do not allow quoters of the press to be present on agings, are failed to report any particulars about methods of preparation for competitions. All is made to create to sportsmen a non-turbulent atmosphere / the easy.

Then, during critical instants of a true contest, they are held down uravnoveshenno as if they at all do not have nerves. In the course of preliminary agings they became absolutely cool, refractory to pression, are assured of the forces, wholly relying at accomplishment of the various learnt movements on muscular memory.

The method of "shadow-fighting" or ageing in an easy aerosphere so is simple, and effects are so amazing that some are inclined to see in it something supernatural.

One elderly lady for many years terribly was nervous, be on various receptions, evenings, balls.

Having tried "a shadow-fighting" method, she has written to me: "… I practiced alone"output", was interquartile, not less than hundred times in a characteristic drawing room. I went on a room, shaking hands with numerous imaginary visitors, smiling and discovering for everyone an affable word which one said loudly and clearly. Then I moved among"visitors", talking that to one, with another. I learnt to walk, sit, speak with confidence and is elegant.

Hе I can feature, how much I was happy and, it is possible to tell, is in some measure surprised, when could spend time dazzlingly on a formal reception. I felt absolutely quiet and absolutely assured.

There were some episodes which one I have not envisioned, but I have dazzlingly managed and them, improvising on the move. My husband considers that you have bewitched me…"

Self-expression is an ability to display capability, talents, charm and etc. Self-expression — positive, and a clamp — the negative answer to exterior stimuli; the clamp hinders with self-expression.

"Shadow-fighting" allows to train in lack braking, deterrents. You assimilate the correct motions, shape the mental circuit of reacting which one is sidetracked in your memory, — the circuit wide, flexible, extending. And here you are more narrow in a state to work easy and precisely. Your excitatory system will tolerate the knowledge acquired during agings, on an actual situation. Hо it not all. As your training process transited in an easy situation, free from an excessive emotional pressure, you have found capability to improvise, working spontaneously according to changing requirements.

"Shadow-fighting" helps to form to you submissions about itself as about the person which one in a state to react was error-free and it is adequate.

The fashion embodied in memory characteristic succeeding I will help you and further successfully to perform the intentions Hовичок, wishing to learn to shoot straight from a gun, very often discovers that it in a state to hold down an arm absolutely fixed and easy until tries to shoot. While it directs the uncharged gun on a target, his hand maintains stability, but it is necessary to load and start to aim a gun as the purpose tremor makes itself felt. The gun shaft consensually scurries about hill up and downwards, to the left and to the right, in many respects resembling trying to pass a thread in an eye of a needle (see chapter 11).

To cope with the similar state, almost all teachers recommend to train in "shooting" on targets from the uncharged gun. The marksman easy, slowly aims, slowly squeezes the trigger and "shoots". Hевозмутимо and deliberately he tracks how holds down a gun (a leah fills up) as pulls the trigger (a leah not too jerks). The purpose tremor misses, wherefore is not present either superdiligence, nor excessive desire without fail to achieve outstanding effects. After many thousand exercises the green hand is convinced of idle shooting that in a state to hold down and the charged gun as easy, confidently fulfilling all indispensable receptions and motions.

Hе so a long time I have come to see the old friend living in suburb Hью-Йорка. Its 10-year-old son dreamt to become the well-known player in baseball, however at it quitted nothing with shocks by a bit on a flying ball. Every time when the father sent a ball through basis, the boy as though froze and overshot more than on foot. I have solved to it to help. "You so try to get on a ball and so you are afraid to overshoot that at all in a state clearly to see a flying ball", — I have told. The matter is that the excessive strain and concern negatively affected sight and jerks of the boy: muscles of arms at all did not obey the commands arriving from a brain.

"During ten following dushes, — I have told to it, — do not try to hit at all on a ball. Hold down a bit on an arm, but track closely a ball.

Look at it since that moment as he will abandon an arm of the father and until will fly by by you. Stand easily both freely and only flight-follow a ball ".

After ten similar dushes I have told: "Now, remaining in a former standing, mentally flap a bit and try to hit on a ball, it is strong and exact". Then I have tendered the boy that it, saving former feel and watching of ball flying, "would allow" a bit to touch a ball, is not obligatory from all force. And the boy has got as it is necessary. After several light shocks it began to send a ball farly afield, and I have acquired the friend on all life.

You can use the same method in mercantile, enterprise or any other activity. One young direct-sales representative has complained to me that it is literally kameneet when he should visit perspective clients. Its principal misfortune consisted that, bumping against declaimings of buyers, it was lost. "If the buyer minds or criticises my product, — he spoke, — I during that moment simply do not know what to answer. Only then I discover the diversified arguments against their declaimings".

I have told to it about "shadow-fighting" and about the boy who has learnt to kick the ball, seeing off its flying by eyes and holding down a bit on an arm. Then I have underlined that to get on a flying ball or promptly to discover the eligible answer, it is necessary to possess good jerks. "Your Gear of Success, — has told I, — should react automatically and according to condition. The excessive strain, too strong motivating and excessive concern in effects lock this gear. You are occurred by the right answers later just because then you are abirritated also a strain rolls off.

Your fatality, — I prolonged, — that you have not learnt to react promptly, but is quiet on notes of clients.

In other words, you "do not fall on a ball" which one to you is launched by the perspective buyer ".

I have advised to practise imagination at first. That is, as well as in real life to fancy that it enters to the client, otrekomendovyvaetsja and fastens commercial talk in which one process it is necessary to answer aloud the most incredible and inconceivable declaimings.

Then to transfer to agings on true buyers, but with "the uncharged gun", with "a bit on an arm", that is without notion something is real to sell or secure an offer on delivery of any items. The purpose of lectures — to get the hand, hand in in free from motivating and a strain to a situation. According to the direct-sales representative, "shadow-fighting" has operated like a magic wand.

Being the student of hospital college, I used the same method, visiting a morgue. And mental surgical operations have allowed not only to learn thoroughly special receptions, they have inoculated to me, the future surgeon, such relevant qualities as balance, discretion, a habit clearly to think. And because instruction transited all in a quiet situation, without excessive emotional pression.

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